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Seward, Alaska is a port city and an alpine resort town. Imagine a sparkling body of water, Resurrection Bay, with towering mountains lining its shores. Mt. Marathon, where the famous Fourth of July race is held, lies in front of the Harding Icefield which extends down the coast. Marine life abounds, eagles and seabirds fill the air, and mountain goats, bear and moose, all inhabit the surrounding forest.

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by foodmaven

We were taking the Alaska Railroad train to Anchorage and it leaves at 6pm. We had to vacate the ship by 9. (They were militant about it!)😳 I highly recommend the train and if you can, splurge for the fancy car with a glass roof and dining car below... all inclusive. It's more, but what views and the food!!! Best food we had all week was in the train! Anyway, we booked a whale watch and salmon bake buffet. It was great, but didn't leave til noon. We were sweating the return trip because we were worried about not making our train! But, all of the tour folks are used to this and work together. The train is literally across the street from the boat dock. The company, Major Marine Tours was great. We highly recommend them! We saw all kinds of wildlife.

Visited: May 26, 2017

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by katierney23

We concluded out cruise in Seward and found it to be a beautiful city with friendly people. While there we did an all day boat tour to the glaciers in the area. We saw many whales, orcas, porpoises, seals, puffins,etc. We hope to return to this beautiful place some day.


by Saraimari

We took the train from Seward. Highly recommend this tour it was about 4 hours but worth every minute of it. We spent two days in Anchorage and did many more things afterwards.

Visited: Jun 29, 2018

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by ChineseCruiser

Please, take the train from Anchorage (6:45am) to Seward. Remember to check in one hour early, they will check your luggage and they will be waiting for you at your stateroom! Amazing! However, don't forget to bring a heavy coat (see below). The train is 4.5 hours non-stop beautiful scenery. We also had breakfast at the train cafeteria, which has an amazing window for the view. We ended up staying near the cafeteria for the rest of the trip to take pictures. When you arrive at Seward (11:05am), I highly recommend the Kenai Fjord tours. The advantage of the small boat (as opposed to the big cruise) is that it can get A LOT CLOSER to the glaciers and wild animals. Seriously, breath-taking! Also, don't forget to leave a heavy coat out of the checked luggage at the train station. We didn't realize it would be so cold on the sea (the temperature forecast was quite deceiving). The tour crews were kind enough to lend me a blanket. So very nice of them.

Visited: May 22, 2015

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by morenita1024

Free Yellow School Bus Shuttle with stops around town and they also take your luggage as well. Picked us up at the train station. We used this to get around during our brief stay. Give tip many of them are veterans. Also the Sea life Center is a great stop. Souvenirs here are higher priced than the other stops.

Visited: Aug 28, 2015

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