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by Indy1

We took the bus to town and on the way there was an eagle in it's nest with babies right near the road, then we went onward and got off on stop #2 and walked around a bit. We walked over to the beach and took some photos. Very pretty area. The boardwalk shops were nice and i bought a t-shirt there. We walked over to the salty dawg since it was mentioned a few times, walked in and found it was decorated with $1 bills all over the inside. It's a small saloon. I really enjoyed walking around the slips and taking pics of the boats and their names (also a good way to easily see where your pictures were taken if you're like me and take 900+ (total trip) pics between the camera and the phone. Nice little town but not much going on there. If you just hang around the places on the pier it will be the most action you'll see.

Visited: Jul 30, 2018

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by BoomerangTX

Love Homer. One of our favorite places to visit. The Spit is great, as is Pioneer Ave. Check out The Pratt Museum and the Visitors Center. If you’re hungry, check out Cafe Cups or the Little Mermaid.

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