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Haines, Alaska is located in northern Lynn Channel, and has a population of 1,260 people. Haines has the largest concentration of bald eagles in the world at the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve. Another popular attraction is the recreated gold rush town of "Dalton City." There are also native history performances by the Chilkat Indian Dancers at the Chilkat Center for the Arts.

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This town was absolutely adorable. Exactly how I pictured Alaska to be. We took an excursion through princess that allowed us to go to an animal refuge 45 minutes outside of port. Overall great experience even though princess completely oversold the "intimate" tour. It had rained a lot that morning so we actually drove along side a mud slide, the driver was blown away by it. Lots of eagles along the drive. On the way back, the sun was shining so we got to see the mountain peaks and all the glaciers tucked in the mountains. The guide said it was extremely rare for that part of the rainforest. Ended the day watching a beautiful sunset.


This was my favorite port. This quaint town is exactly how I imagine most of Alaska. We took the Chilkat River Adventure and saw moose and eagles. They suit you up in gear to keep you warm and as dry as possible. it was raining but we expected that and had a wonderful time.


Many people complain that there is "nothing to do" at this port but we loved it. VERY scenic. Easy walk into town. We did a tour with Rainbow Glaciers. It was a wildlife tour. We really enjoyed it. https://tourhaines.com/

Visited: Aug 26, 2018

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Will have to pay $$$ to go to Skagway. We chose to go kayaking instead ($$) - fun, but not worth the cost (the included lunch was a small sandwich, chips, and soda that we ate while sitting on the beach looking at the cruise ship (thinking about the buffet on-board) AFTER the kayaking trip.

Visited: Jun 21, 2015

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