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by Superflygirl

What a wonderful view to this magnificent glacier. The sun came out as we were leaving and the ice became that fabulous blue color. Cruising up to the glacier was incredible also. We have a guest speaker, Terry Breen, providing us with history, detailed information, and facts as we sail along at certain points. Her knowledge of the bays and glaciers makes this cruise even better.


by extex1

With an aft wrap-around balcony, was in the cat bird seat. Saw and heard calving of ice, as well as orcas. Did also get to see other whales, as well!!


by idoj2003

We were lucky enough that the captain cruised to the Hubbard glacier. Was a good 45 minutes there. He did a slow round about with the boat so everyone could see glacier and icebergs. Fantastic.


by katierney23

The Hubbard Glacier was exceptional to see. It is immense and beautiful. Though the weather was wet and gloomy, we still stayed outside for the viewing so we could listen to the glacier and enjoy it fully.


by kathryn13

One of the highlights of our trip!! Hubbard Glacier is breathtaking!! Very surprised how close we were able to get to the glacier. Hearing the ice snap and watching the large chunks calve off is very pretty

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