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Tucked into the corner of Prince William Sound, College Fjord is surrounded by over a dozen glaciers and is easily the equal of the more famous Glacier Bay. Some of these glaciers have spruce forests growing right up to the edge of the ice, giving a sense of scale not seen in Glacier Bay. These glaciers were named by the members of the 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition.

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by Chaser99

It was beautiful all around the weather, glaciers, and water were gorgeous! We even saw a baby seal on an iceberg! Through the V shaped canyon we saw many different glaciers.


by childress7

This was better than I expected. So glad we got to explore the glaciers. Unbelievable sights. Hearing the glaciers falling was breathtaking. This was one of the highlights for me


by Parisfrance

Glacier Bay was beautiful, but College Fjord was spectacular! There were quite a few tidewater Glaciers and the Harvard Glacier was incredible. The onboard Naturalist gave a running commentary as we cruised through. It was broadcast on all the outside decks, so again we all spent the day outside. We loved the explanation of how College Fjord got its name!

Visited: Jul 31, 2019

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