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by childress7

This was better than I expected. So glad we got to explore the glaciers. Unbelievable sights. Hearing the glaciers falling was breathtaking. This was one of the highlights for me


by Chaser99

It was beautiful all around the weather, glaciers, and water were gorgeous! We even saw a baby seal on an iceberg! Through the V shaped canyon we saw many different glaciers.


by dancerlindzi

I was worried about the evening timing of the Glaciers. We decided to do Balcony dining for dinner so that we could eat, see the Glaciers & celebrate my birthday. It sure was grand. People thought we were crazy for sorting in the cold but it was wonderful & so awesome to sit & watch.


by tamakbound

College Fjord was as amazing as Glacier Bay. The beauty, the vastness, the shrinkage, the calving, the incredible auditory experience that sounds like nothing I've ever heard before. I am thankful to have had this amazing opportunity on such a beautiful day.


by Parisfrance

Glacier Bay was beautiful, but College Fjord was spectacular! There were quite a few tidewater Glaciers and the Harvard Glacier was incredible. The onboard Naturalist gave a running commentary as we cruised through. It was broadcast on all the outside decks, so again we all spent the day outside. We loved the explanation of how College Fjord got its name!


by tpau

This may have been our favorite time. We saw so many glaciers. Do take time to research information about this area before your trip. Hopefully you will have a quiet area to take in the majesty of this beautiful area.


by teeneey12

Have your binoculars and cameras ready! Absolutely beautiful scenery and wildlife to see!! It is a nice relaxing day on the ship but i would definitely stay close to a window or on a deck where you can hear the announcements about where to look.


by Tony2705

This is an adventure everyone should experience in their lifetime. The absolute beauty and wilderness is truely amazing, topped off with the wild life - Otters, Seals, Whales and Bears.

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