That "booster shot" IS confusing me as usual...

What "categories"? See the paragraph on who gets it? Honor system? no questions asked? sept 20? 8 months after the last shot?...its approved? its not approved? theres all kinds of "links" with all kinds of information....take your pick...helluva way to run a railroad......yesterday the drugstore where i got the shots basically said "no"...mebbe later we'll be at Walmart...see what they say...

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I know there isn't a definative answer at this time. And I also know, not every state is following the same guidelines. Like I mentioned on another thread, I found it by chance when looking on line. We were happy to get it done before the "mad rush". There is still a lot of controversy about the need. Good luck in your search. running around at this time to get the so-called "booster"...just read where its sposed to NOT even be called that...just a "third" shot.

Went to a Walgreens for my flu shot and asked about the booster. They're already giving it to those who are immune compromised. But sounded like if you wanted one they'd jab you. You get the one that matches the original brand.

I'm in group 1A to get the shot (if they intend to release them next week like they've been saying), thanks to working in healthcare. As of right now, we don't have a set date until the state says that they'll be giving the booster shots, but when I spoke to our Infection Preventionist this week, she mentioned that we would be able to get them as soon as the state gives us a date.

Just came back from Walmart...just so happens we just switched our scrips to the local Walmart from CVS...more convenient, nicer people (believe it or not)....had one of my patented conversations with one of the pharmacists...not crowded at all..nobody standing around us...middle aged guy who knew his business......had the time to "understand each other" if ye follow...never heard of anything in our state re 1a. or b or whatever...mebbe it exists here mebbe not...asked him what the difference was between a booster and a 3rd shot...he laffed out loud and shook his head...I got the message.......asked him if they had them...said at the moment he can give out Pfizer for boosters or "third shots", but had Moderna for those who wanted it for their first (and therefore second) shot. Asked him just how sick I had to be to get a shot...(why does that sound like some of the BS I was getting when I tried to get one of those 15min tests for the cruise????)....I thought he would choke he was laffing so hard....So yes CRUISELLAMA, I could've "gotten anything you want at Alice's restaurant...." I commented..."honor system eh?".. all he did was look me dead in the eye and said ..."YEP"....

We decided not to get them at this time, or even in another month when we become "legal"...lets see what happens AFTER our cruise of 11/27 and "the tests"...hate to generate a false positive due to the I didn't read that anywhere, just going from day to day with whatever BS comes out in the news....

I think the whole thing is to bottom, beginning to end.....I commented awhile back that it sounded to me like the better you could lie the easier it would be to hack your way thru the so-called vaccination/testing system..that may have outraged a few honest folks in here (you know who you are heheheh)...unfortunately, it was also the truth. Check that...there is NO system.....

I have been a participant in the Pfizer study since last September. I just called my Pfizerites

to see when I would get my third, booster, etc. shot. The study-ers are meeting this Friday and I will be notified soon thereafter. That is the absolute latest word from Pfizer to me.

This update is now 20 minutes old.

I will re-post with the latest news when I receive it.

Be safe. Get shot.

Outstanding, and thanks!...are your protocols different than the general public as a participant in their study? Seems like you could get a shot regardless....(I know as a participant in their study, you wouldn't....)

Nice to get the "official poop".....its appreciated....

I don't know if I'm getting any special consideration but I really don't think so. I guess the only advantage is that I can call Pfizer direct and get a straightforward answer to my questions. To me that is a great little advantage especially when you look at all the bull chips that are spread as 'facts' in the media and on forums similar to this.

My jollies come from knowing that with my miniscule participation in the study I have helped to develop the first useable vaccine for Covid 19. I trust Pfizer as one of the largest pharmaceutical/research companies in the world.

Yes the vaccine was developed rapidly (by necessity). But I assure you and everyone else, there were no shortcuts and that is a stupid reason to listen to the nonsense that it was developed too fast and is therefore no good.

I've had many vaccines over my lifetime and always to my benefit. I even had polio one year before the Salk vaccine came out. But you can bet I got the vaccine ASAP thereafter because my parents were deeply concerned about my life and health.

And at five years old, I well remember that pandemic, the quarantine, the iron lungs, the Sister Kenney treatment, learning to walk again, the PT, etc .

I am appalled at the amount of ignorance, lies, and misinformation that circulates in our society. Don't fall for it.

Buck up! Get shot! Don't cry! Crying You might even get a lollipop for being a big boy or girl.

Now off my soapbox! Big Smile

Happy to see you could have got the jab, booster, third shot. Too confusing!! Figure it will be worse when the WH gets involved, again. Have a great cruise.

To clarify: I did get the first two jabs and am now awaiting scheduling of the third. When #3 is available to me, it will also be available to everyone else. I don't get 'front of the line' privileges because I am a participant and I don't know what the qualifications will be when it is offered.


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