On November 12, 2016 Port Canaveral threw a huge party to welcome the Norwegian Epic to her new home here.  Locals turned out in droves for the festivities.  Parking was not a problem at Jetty Park and was complimentary for the party-goers.  There were games, music, DJ, dancing, food and hand-outs - two men on stilts even played basketball with the kids and some not so little "kids"  like me.  I ran into several neighbors and we had fun line dancing.  The big attraction, though, was the ship which departed just at sunset.  As she left dolphins escorted her out the channel.  I doubt that the dolphins were posed there since we see them regularly but it was wonderful timing for them to appear.  They did not join the Carnival Magic as she left earlier for her departure.  See some of my photos below.

Commemorative Handout at the Welcome Party

At sunset the Norwegian Epic finally departed the port to the cheers of the crowd.

As The Epic passes where I was standing...

The commemorative photo given to party-goers of The Epic

View of the sunset as I left the port