How refreshing!!! There are many that bash Carnival but of the last 12 cruises we have done, 5 have been on Carnival!! We have NEVER had a bad cruise with Carnival. Every ship is a new experience regardless of the cruise line. Some of those experiences different than the past but new never the less. Your experience with the long waits for your dinner isn't just related to NCL as from the reviews I have been reading (and experiencing) it seems to be on a lot of cruise lines. Keep in mind that as time has passed, ships are being built to hold more passengers but the crew to passenger ratio isn't as equal as it used to be. It takes a long time to feed thousands of passengers. I take the wait in stride, enjoy the conversation with our table mates, have a couple of drinks & enjoy the atmosphere. Eating your dinners in the main diningroom, with the right servers helps to make your cruise a memorable one!