Is my past catching up with me?

I'm hoping someone has any info on Canada excursions. One of our ports is Skagway. I found an excursion through trip advisor from Frontier Excursions that was a tour through the Yukon. I was really excited as it went past Emerald Lake and on to through to Canada. I was reading the companies FAQ, and it said if you have ever had a DUI that Canada might not let you cross the border. I have had one but it was 29 years ago. I'm now 53.. Don't drink and am a completely different person. I called the company and he said that they have turned away people but he didn't know if it would matter since it's been so long, but he advised me not to book the tour. Has anyone heard of this? We are scheduled to stop in Victoria, so I called RC and the rep said she had never heard of this.

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I have heard of people being denied entry for that, but I have no idea how common it is. That said, I'd be more concerned about the ship docking in Canada, than missing a shore excursion.. Almost all Alaska cruises have a Canadian stop. You might be denied entry into Canada there. If it is just a stop, then oh well. If it is the beginning or ending of your cruise, then it would be a real problem. I hope you get to go and enjoy your cruise! Skagway is a great port with tons of stuff to try.

Did the obligatory Alaska cruise...from Seattle...stopped in Victoria BC (which is one of the few actual cities I'd move to in a heartbeat..lovely place, but I digress) and then of course technically we "entered Canada" again on the White Pass RR tour (which you absolutely MUST take..) where were we ever checked thru anything that looked like Customs. Besides, back then the ticket was probably signed by Sgt Preston....Frankly I wouldn't worry about it.

One thing I DID conclude was that if you ever get the urge to "see" ALASKA, there is no tour on a cruise ship that can ever do it justice.

We wrote an article that mentioned this! There are steps you can take with the Canadian government ahead of time that kinda prove to them you have changed. Look into those, the government page is linked in this article.

This is interesting stuff..and SARAH isn't known to post things that can't be factually backed up,especially since she provided a link.. I decided to check for myself...too cold here to do anything else and learn...seems like Canadian law has changed as of DEC 2018...used to be all it took was being a good lil person and if the infraction occurred 10+ years ago, it was considered problem...NOW, any serious infraction including DUI no matter how old may prevent entry. live and learn...

This isn't the forum to debate why the Canadians decided to do this, although I have my suspicions..Or how they are able to check on the criminal records of thousand of peeps getting off aircraft or cruise ships in Canada daily. Especially if the infraction occurred years ago in another country. I have confirmed thru my CFO who remembers EVERYTHING, that nothing was checked whatsoever during our stop in Victoria. It was a great day, Walking around BUCHART GARDENS was spectacular...

Mebbe a few others can chime in here..lots of folks have made that Alaska cruise..


Gotta watch that stuff ... we Canadians frown on such things you know (ouch - tongue in cheek hurts when you byte it).

That one surprises me. DUI is a provincial matter and not under federal jurisdiction. That type of offence would be a provincial or territory issue (read as State law) so if it is in in Yukon that the issue is then they would be the ones that you wish to reach out to. Good luck.

That's mean theres different rules for entry depending on where you enter? Granted I only checked 4 different website answers to the original question/problem, but nobody mentioned that. Just whose database do Canadian Customs folks access when they do their spot checks? Because for sure they don't check everybody.Provincial? Federal? Inquiring minds et al...

DUI is a provincial offence but customs and immigration would access everyone's database. Is that who was stopping them from entering. I have never heard of a DUI being an issue and many moons ago I worked in the transportation industry looking after cross border traffic for a number of years which is why I was thinking it might be something regional.

I got the impression that the "offense" took place here in the States" many moons ago. When I GOOGLED the thing, it was certainly an education. Clearly, unfortunately, thousands upon thousands of people are routinely convicted of DUI every year...or whatever its called in whatever state you happen to get nailed in. And since there is something called "reciprocity" between the states, eventually it comes home to roost with your states DMV and of course, your insurance co. I had no idea it could impact something as simple as visiting Canada.

I found it interesting that the change just recently took effect. While on the surface it seems simple enough, changing it to make it more difficult for folks to visit Canada makes this cynical observer of the passing scene just a bit suspicious. Most of us here in the states take a good relationship with you guys up in the "true north" for granted, and appreciate it...not everyone in DC feels that way, and it seems normal enough for the pooh bahs in Ottawa to reciprocate..

We often hear in our news about Canadian people being denied entrance to US because of decades old offences such as cannabis possession. Since pot was legalized in Canada, these offences can be wiped from one's record, but US doesn't recognize this. Different countries have different rules and there is no way of knowing if the border control officers will feel particularly conscientious on any particular day.

BTW, I wouldn't take the advice of any cruise line rep. They are not well informed on this kind of issue.

If you have been convicted of DUI in the States at any time, then Canada will know about it.

It would be best, if you have time before your cruise, to get a waiver from the Canadian Government.

The article Sarah pointed to has some great advice on this.

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