Cruising is Back: Members Share Onboard Experiences

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Following more than a year-long suspension, cruising has returned to the United States and around the world! Most major cruise lines have completed at least one or more voyages, and they are continually announcing more returns to sailing plans. But, of course, the top question on everyone’s mind is what it is like to go on a cruise right now? has captured the real reviews of our members who have come back from sailings and experienced the new world of cruising post-pandemic. To date, we’ve received reviews from cruisers who have traveled on an array of lines, including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival, and others. 

We pulled together some of the best reviews we’ve received for 2021 cruises sailing from both U.S. and Caribbean ports. We’ve gathered from our member’s experience that some things may have changed on board, but the exciting cruise experience you are used to has stayed the same! 

Review Highlights of Cruises From U.S. Ports

The crew was very happy to have us back, and the passengers were also happy to be back. The ship was very clean and almost everyone seemed to be vaccinated. The boarding process was easy. Our ship was only about 50% full, so there was always room to sit. The dining rooms were not overcrowded. It was a great trip. - Member ldyflyr, Sailed Celebrity Edge from Port Everglades

Embarkation was generally good. Lots of fanfare due to being the first cruise out, which caused a lot of crowds. But once it got going, it went pretty quick. One place to check vaccine cards, one to do check-in, and then into the lounge to board. - Member waggkri, Sailed Carnival Vista from Galveston

Embarkation was fast and easy….New muster drill was awesome and quick. - Member globug32, Sailed Carnival Horizon from Miami

It was so great to be cruising again. All the staff and passengers were so glad to be back that it was easy to see how happy everyone was. This was the "FUN EXPERIENCE" that Carnival promotes. - Member tom58865766, Sailed Carnival Vista from Galveston

All service was excellent! I think the crew was very happy to have us back! - Member leblanclois, Sailed Freedom of the Seas from Miami

First Carnival cruise out of Miami in 15 months, a few hiccups but awesome being on a ship again. - Member renb420247, Sailed Carnival Horizon from Miami 

​​Cruise was awesome, not much has changed since pre Covid. Few minor changes such as using a smart device (qr code) to look at menus, but it worked well. Muster drill was easy and quick. It was a bummer that the kids camp for under 12 was not open, but was for the older kids. Getting on and off the ship was just as quick as before. - Member robshap, Sailed Carnival Horizon from Miami

I ate in the Main Dining Room each night and enjoyed all of my meals. Staff served you in the buffet and that was actually fine! - Member Laneygirl, Sailed Freedom of the Seas from Miami

Review Highlights of Cruises From Caribbean Ports

Due to COVID-19 all dining facilities followed strict social distancing protocols. Everyone entering Windjammer had to go through a checking in process (sea pass was scanned each time). There was a separate way to enter and exit and upon exit sea passes were scanned again. The Windjammer and main dining room seating was limited to 50% capacity, every other table was closed off. This created no problems because the ship was sailing at only 30% capacity. The buffet at the Windjammer was modified… cold food like salads etc. was prepared ahead of time and placed on small plates for guests to take. Hot food was placed on guests' plates by servers. - Member Cruiseking3, Sailed Adventure of the Seas from Nassau 

Considering all the requirements/restrictions due to COVID, we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. - Member terryburk, Sailed Celebrity Millennium from Philipsburg

Can’t say enough about how great the staff was, especially guest services and the next cruise dept. In general all the staffers were absolutely wonderful. - Member oladyrobin, Sailed Adventure of the Seas from Nassau

Everything about this cruise was heavenly. Celebrity made the return to cruising enjoyable and memorable. - Member ryFlyGuy, Sailed Celebrity Millennium from Philipsburg

Royal Caribbean has done an amazing job with protocols. We enjoyed every aspect of our cruise. It was so nice to be pampered and recognized by all the crew. They really made us feel like family. We were so concerned with what cruising would look like post covid. Royal rolled out the red carpet and DELIVERED! - Member MattMadBeach, Sailed Adventure of the Seas from Nassau

Awesome cruise with the ship less than half full. The staff were very happy to be getting back to normal. Smiles were plentiful and the officers could always be found out and about. The food was great whether it was Luminae or the Oceanview. The Luminae staff were awesome! So were the Martini Bar guys! - Member Bertrlh, Sailed Celebrity Millennium from Philipsburg

Looking for even MORE insight on what cruising looks like today? Check out our member photos from 2021 cruises.

Sail On: Looking Ahead for Cruising  

Cruising is at an all-time demand as travelers are itching to pack up their suitcases and get back out on the high seas. This past April, surveyed over 11,000 community members about their confidence for returning to cruising once suspensions are lifted. We found that 93% of our participants said that they planned on cruising in 2021 or 20222. The top three lines that our members reported they would consider sailing first were Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line. In terms of destination demand, 87.9% of individuals reported they would cruise the Caribbean, with Alaska and the Canada/New England regions coming in second and third. 

Are you considering cruising in 2021? We recommend booking NOW as prices are only likely to go up based on the high demand from travelers. 

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