2021 Cruiseline.com & Shipmate Return to Cruising Survey Results

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To coincide with the nearly one-year mark of the suspension of cruising in the United States, Cruiseline.com and Shipmate surveyed travelers about their confidence about returning to cruising once suspensions are lifted. This questionnaire centered around frequent topics of interest in the Cruiseline.com and Shipmate communities, as well as new industry protocols to ensure passenger safety. Here is a look at our community feels about the return to sailing once again. 

1. Will you consider cruising in 2021 or 2022 when sailing operations by cruise lines resume? 

2. Will you cruise if a vaccine is required by the cruise line?

3. Will you cruise if masks are required to be worn while on the ship? 

4. If you plan on cruising when operations resume which regions would consider cruising to (when the region is open)?

5. If you plan on cruising once sailing operations resume, which cruise lines will you consider sailing first? 

6. Will ship size and passenger capacity be a part of your decision-making process when booking your next cruise?


Note: These survey results are based on the opinions of Cruiseline.com and Shipmate community members. These results do not reflect any official requirements set forth by any official organization or cruise line at this time. 


Posted by WeCruiseToo

We’re ready to cruise!

Posted by bigoa33

We are so ready to get back on a cruise ship!!!!! Cruising was the major reason we decided to get the vaccine. If it is required we are ready!

Posted by Wait8ng

Our family and 3 other families that we know have been on a minimum of 10 cruise to 22 cruises. None of us will be going back if vaccines are mandatory. None of us. There are more of us than you realize.

Posted by rebelhorse

I will not take any mRNA vaccine, may consider traditional. If masks required our group of 18 cruisers will not cruise. We will also wait until we can explore on our own and not have to take cruiseline excursions. We likely will eventually cruise, but not if they restrict us so much it is no longer a vacation. Our family has done all inclusives that dont require mask or vaccines. We will go that way for now if necessary.

Posted by 7Seas2021

Going by the comments here, it sure looks like there are quite a few regular cruisers who are not only anti-vaccination or distrustful of vaccines, some do not even believe in the simple courtesy of wearing a mask. Sure looks like crew members everywhere will have their hands full enforcing the rules of masks and social distancing should this be the new normal.

Posted by SBL

Can't wait to get back to cruising. Will be ready with my vaccination, testing and masks. There is so much to enjoy safely. My family and two others are booked and ready for re-opening. :)

Posted by Lazyboy

All a moot point, the CDC and the majority US Government has apparently declared war on the Cruise Industry. I can take a vacation in almost any state in the US (and have) and apparently many other countries, but I can not take a large ship cruise out of the US. Folks yell about keeping politics off the site, but why, when that is what we are seeing with the enforced no sail orders but not any other enforced no's?

Posted by Yankee47

Interesting results, and commentary....I'd like to know the number of votes in each category...

Posted by W8g2Cruise

I do not live in fear. I have no issues with the mask or the vaccine requirement. My husband and I have already been vaccinated and have 4 cruises already booked. I don't understand people have such an issue when being careful is a good thing.

Posted by riparian

So, you've taken vaccines all your life but only now you decide not to. This makes no sense to a rationale person. If you can't for medical reasons, I get that. Where is the logic in taking the chance? The only thing the vaccine will do is possibly keep you healthy or even save your life.

Posted by Kkate2020

Will NOT be cruising if mask and/or shot is needed. I’m not paying my health and safety for more insecurity. Time for a new cruiseline!!

Posted by PATMCC

I am ready to go back, although I will most likely cut back from 10 a year to about 4.

Posted by Cruises33

We agree why this is gotten so political?? But we have gone on over 20+ cruises and we always get a suite. We will continue to cruise. We have 16 cruises booked right now with Celebrity. We have already gotten our Pfizer vaccine the RNA had no problems my husband had it too no problems both shots. Just a sore arm for a couple of days. We would prefer to go on ships that do require vaccinations so we can all get back to normal. I don’t even mind paying a little bit more which we are doing now anyway. At least the people that are on the ship are looking out for each other and doing the right thing for everybody including the workers on the ship. We are trying not to be selfish just want to get out and have a good time and cruise again. Life is just too short! I would rather have problems with the vaccination for a day or two then get Covid and may have long-term problems or maybe even die. Each to their own everybody has to make that decision for themselves. I think in another year and a half or so even if you do have to have a vaccination to get on the ship that will be lifted eventually! We trust the CDC and I can’t wait to cruise again! See you cruising! 🛫✈️🛬 ⛴🛳🪝

Posted by Yankee47

This thread hasn't gotten political...not compared to a bunch of others I eyeball occasionally...The entire subject, to Americans, was political from the very beginning...depending on which political persuasion you are...as if the disease cares...As you say..."Each to their own everybody has to make that decision for themselves." Except when their decision disagrees with someone elses, and attempt to explain why, it almost invariably become political. So what I take from your post is that "At least the people on the ship are looking out for each other and doing the right thining...etc etc...therefore people who don't want the vaccine, or to wear masks, are clearly doing the wrong thing...in YOUR view. Unfortunately, any numbers we care to waste our time trying to understand is that the VAST majority of Americans haven't been vaccinated, and in all probability won't EVER be vaccinated, and can't wait to remove their masks, IF they ever wore one to begin with... We got our shots, and wear a mask, and we're not looking forward to wearing them on board, or being around people who also refuse to be vaccinated. I stopped trusting the CDC when I could see just how politically vulnerable it became...pretending otherwise is naive. You can EXPECT outbreaks onboard cruise ships, no matter WHAT regulations are put in place. No talking head politician wants to take responsibility for that. And whether you like it or not, or want to recognize it or not, those politicians ARE in charge. I'd LOVE for things to eventually return to what once was...but I sincerely doubt they EVER will be.

Posted by Cruises33

Good points to Yankee47. I am going to to stay positive. I will not let this become political. I am doing it because it’s the American way of doing things you look out for yourself and others and that’s how we will get through this all together! We will be cruising soon my husband and I and we can’t wait.

Posted by Simka64

I have been on 25 cruises and never gotten sick. Proper hygiene is key to help stop the spread. I'll wear my mask. I am vaccinated. Been getting vaccines all my life nothing different in getting a new one. My family has a lot of susceptible people so we as a cruising family decided to help protect them we would vaccinate. And if cruising opens we are ready.

Posted by Yankee47

Theres a whole bunch of folks responding to this survey I wouldn't mind cruising with at all..of course, that presumes theres some way to insure y'all got the shots...and wear masks, even tho it really is a PITA...then there are others who threaten not to cruise etc etc....hmmmm...guess that comes under the heading of personal choice....if the cruise lines are right about pent up demand, and assuming the cruise lines survive all this to begin with, the lines won't know the difference.. I would feel considerably better knowing that folks who won't vaccinate and/or wear masks have exercised their "right" to not cruise...I still would like to know the total number of respondents to this survey...

Posted by Cruises33

After reading these survey answers I think most everyone wants to get back to cruising and will do whatever it takes to protect each other and be safe so we can get start cruising again before these cruise lines start going bankrupt! 🤪

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