5 Viking Hermod Tips


Jun 09, 2017

Great staff, expect to enjoy your trip!


May 23, 2017

Expect excellence and great service.


May 03, 2018

Take all of the free tours. Worth it!! 😁


Jul 29, 2019

When in port, the ships frequently double or triple-park. You need to walk throug (or over) other ships to get to the dock. In almost all of the ports, the verandas were not usable, because we were moored right next to another ship. We had a great view of the side of these ships, often right up against the windows of the other ship. No availabilty to sit out on the veranda and look at the towns while inport. I would have liked to have been warned about this-I might not have paid extra for a veranda cabin.


Oct 28, 2019

Relax and enjoy. Viking has it handled!

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