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Bento Baby Photo

Bento Baby

Head to The Galley and start your day with a Japanese breakfast, or end it with a bento box. Or act...

Burger Bar Photo

Burger Bar

All Day Burger Spot!

Hot off the Press Photo

Hot off the Press

Hot off the Press. From serving breakfast-themed sandwiches and toasties in the morning to afternoo...

Let's Taco Bout It Photo

Let's Taco Bout It

Enjoy tacos & Burritos morning, afternoon and evening.

Lick Me Till...Ice Cream Photo

Lick Me Till...Ice Cream

This whimsical ice cream shop offers home (or ship)make, complimentary scoops. That includes six cr...

Noodle House Photo

Noodle House

Enjoy the ramen and miso bar at Noodle Around.

Sun Club Cafe Photo

Sun Club Cafe

Who doesn't like Hawaiian Poke Bowls? Inspired by one of the most iconic dishes of the Hawaiian isla...

The Daily Mix Photo

The Daily Mix

Enjoy healthy bites. This healthy join features yogurt and oatmeal dishes for breakfast and turns to...

The Dock House  Photo

The Dock House

Casual Mediterranean. An effortlessly elgant yet cozy counterpart to the view-focused scene outside...

The Social Club Diner Photo

The Social Club Diner

Classic Carnival Eats! The food and drink make the experience here where Virgin has spun modern tak...

The Sweet Side Photo

The Sweet Side

Sweets and Treats. The Sweet Side of the The Galley houses pastries in the morning and desserts lat...

The Wake Photo

The Wake

(1 Review)

Located at the back of the ship, this glamorous restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner accomp...

Well bread Photo

Well bread

Pastries & Flatbreads. Well Bread fans, "Bread Heads", grab a pastry for breakfast or flatbread lat...

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