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Conference Center

What are you doing conferencing?! It''s sunny out - go to the pool. Well, if you must get some work done while at sea, this is the perfect venue.

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Escapes Travel Cafe

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

1 Review

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Excursions Deck

Scuba? Golf? Horsey ride? The kind employees here at the excursions desk will be glad to help you with all of your land-trip needs.

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Internet Cafe

2.5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Surf the Internet while you''re skimming the high seas. This caf offers wireless access and computer terminals, in addition to gourmet coffee drinks, pastries, and more.

2 Reviews

1 out of 5

by CalifCruisin on November 03, 2018

There was never personel there to assist if you had login problems.
4 out of 5

by BigMerk57 on June 02, 2018

Nice area and usually quiet. I sat and watched glaciers for a while from here while in Glacier Bay. On our first night, the IT guy on duty was very helpful in getting my iPad and phone connected to th... e Princess App (which is great) and to the WiFi package I had pre-purchased. The WiFi was never a problem - although I was mainly only sending and receiving emails. The packages are better value than paying per minute, but it’s pricey either way. So compose and read your emails offline and only connect to send/receive them. Read More

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Medical Center

Let''s hope that you''re reading this out of curiosity rather than necessity. If anything hurts, they''ll fix you all up here in the Medical Center.

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Wedding Chapel

I heard that getting married on a cruise ship results in mermaids for children. The first to prove this theory will get a free cruise from your friends at Ship Mate.

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