When can we start booking the speciality dining and the entertainment?

Asked on September 26, 2019 by sparky1234


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2 Answers

Most of the entertainment you can’t book until on board. They do have kiosks by almost every elevator to book it, it is easy and you should be able to get what you want schedule wise if you book the day you board. The only thing we had to wait to see was The Choir of Man, it was good, book asap. If you have the App and created an account with NCL I think you can reserve restaurants 30 days before cruise. The app is user friendly, you can book excursions etc all on the app.

Answered by jam6926 on September 27, 2019

You can login to NCL.com and book immediately after booking... Some entertainment can't be booked until you are on the ship...

Answered by kissfan22 on September 27, 2019

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