Made reservations for 2 for Cagney’s and now realize we need to add another person. The date and time is no longer available and the available times are not good for us. Is it possible that once we are on board, we can stop by Cagney’s and add the extra person to our reservation?

Asked on January 11, 2020 by cruisedivag

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Not sure if you have left on your cruise yet. If not, after you board the ship stop by Headliners Comedy Club...they have representatives taking reservations for the specialty restaurants and should be able to answer your question. After day 1, stop by the specialty restaurant reservation desk in the Atrium, deck 6 to ask about adding a person. I found that the availability was different (in a good way!) once on board vs. reserving online prior to cruising. Good luck and happy cruising!

Answered by vloanderson on January 14, 2020

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