Norwegian Dawn Activities and Entertainment

3 Venues

Bliss Lounge

3 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Horizontal windows in the floor allow you to look down on the bridge. At night, the atmosphere is charged when the music comes up and the stage becomes a dance floor. Two adjoini... ng rooms are available for parties. more

2 Reviews

1 out of 5

by offwego on September 16, 2018

What happened to this lounge? They must have been very short staffed. It was closed.
5 out of 5

by Dawn4Bob on January 20, 2018

This is now The Bliss. Nice area for music and dancing.

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Lifestyles Room

Looking for a quiet place to write postcards, play cards or read a book? Drop by the Lifestyles Room.

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The Card Room

Here is one room where playing games is not just encouraged, it''s expected. Find another couple and play bridge or test your skill with chess, checkers, Scrabble and more.

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