28 MSC Lirica Tips


Nov 24, 2019

Good value but not expect an American style pampered experience. Good for experienced international travelers.


Dec 05, 2019

If you aren't a smoker stay out of Lord Nelson's Pub. I thought it looked like a nice place to hang out but I couldn't handle the odor of cigarettes which is just as thick in the "non smoking" section. I hung out at the Beverly Hills Bar instead (which is also a good place for a cappucino in the morning).


Dec 14, 2019

My tip would be to be very careful where you allocate your holiday money. This company has a reputation for not caring at all for passengers and it was absolutely apparent from my first phone call to them via my Agent. They will agree everything and do nothing, they will make excuses, they will make up ridiculous rules for anything they want to. I can’t believe how bad they were.


Feb 10, 2020

Keep your expectations in check, and you'll have a good time


Jan 18, 2020

Pick a newer ship from their fleet

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