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Crown Grill & Bar Photo

Crown Grill & Bar

(3 Reviews)

Voted one of the 'Best Cruise Ship Steakhouses' by USA Today, this steakhouse restaurant features pr...

Fountain Pool Bar Photo

Fountain Pool Bar

(2 Reviews)

Lively outdoor bar with fantastic views and tasty cocktails

Leaves Tea Bar Photo

Leaves Tea Bar

(1 Review)

Serves the Princess Live TV studio adjacent to it with teas, beverages and baked goods.

SeaView Bar Photo

SeaView Bar

(1 Review)

Glass paneled floor and drinks prepared during exciting shows with flair.

Vines Wine Bar Photo

Vines Wine Bar

(1 Review)

Choose from a tempting selection of unique new and old-world vintage wines, tapas, and sushi.

Bandstand Photo


Place where you can listen to good music and watch the work of virtuosos.

Ocean Terrace Juice Bar Photo

Ocean Terrace Juice Bar

Fruity and fabulous, the Ocean Terrace Bar offers fresh-squeezed, hand-crafted, raw fruit and vegeta...

Wake View Bar Photo

Wake View Bar

A quiet place to enjoy a beverage or book.

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