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5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Boleros Lounge

Dance to Latin rhythms in Boleros and cool off with a refreshing Latin drink like a mojito or caipirinha.

2 Reviews

5 out of 5

by oreabain on February 13, 2018

The r bar and the boleros lounge was the two best bars on the ship. The services and the drinks....so good. The bartenders were great. Fast and courteous service.
5 out of 5

by cyndi71 on December 19, 2017

Patsy, the bartender, was very helpful and very upbeat. She's been on Royal Caribbean for 20 years and can answer most questions with a smile. She was most helpful during the Muster Drill, explainin... Read More

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Olive or Twist

Perched high above the sea, this glass-enclosed lounge is quite possibly the best place onboard to enjoy a cocktail and watch the sun set.

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Plaza Bar

Passengers can start off with a sake, tea, or cocktail at the Plaza Bar, with its backdrop of cascading water, at the entrance to the Plaza area.

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Pool Bar

Dip. Sip. Dip. Sip. How''s that for relaxing? Our pool bars make it easy to stay cool in the sun without having to stray too far from your deck chair. With only a few steps to both the pool and the bar, you can really maximize your lounging time and stay refreshed!

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5 out of 5

by jwallace1976 on April 10, 2018

KT, Oliver, Bernie, Romel, and Angelita are AWESOME!!!!!!!!
5 out of 5

by jaycolbert on February 28, 2018

Verified Review
I'm awarding them the Best Pool Bar on a Cruise Ship award. I've been on many cruises, and the drinks/wait times here crushes the competition. Having the Unlimited Beverage package, I was afraid (li... Read More Read Full Review

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Whether you like your suds hoppy or stout, the Pub is happy to accommodate with a full list of imported beers.

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3 out of 5 (3 Reviews)

Schooner Bar

A casual place to relax in a Nautical setting to enjoy an afternoon beverage. This signature nautical themed Royal Caribbean bar with classic teak and brass can be found on all of RCCL cruise ships.

3 Reviews

5 out of 5

by KellyJWilliams on February 27, 2018

While not very big alcohol drinkers, we spent a lot of time here playing the trivia games. I want to commend the bar staff for not pushing the alcohol on us or making is feel unwelcome because we wer... Read More

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5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Sky Bar

This deck bar offers views of the Pool and the surrounding seascape. This is the perfect place to escape the splash and spray of the belly-flop competition, yet remain within voting distance.

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5 out of 5

by mrscruise on February 20, 2018

Our bartender, Brush? Was fantastic. We always went to him for our drinks. Always remembered our name, room number and drink
5 out of 5

by cmnedd on January 30, 2018

Tracy our waitress in the sky bar was wonderful & so nice!!

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Viking Crown Lounge

No Royal Caribbean cruise is complete without a stop in our signature lounge. Perched high above the ocean, this comfortable lounge offers spectacular vistas by day and turns into a lively dance club at night.

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Enjoy a glass of your favorite vino, participate in a wine tasting or sample something new from our world-class cellar.

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Wipe Out Bar

Set high above the sea in our Pool and Sports Zone neighborhood, the Wipe Out Bar is a great place to kick back day or night, whether you''re recovering from a wipe out of your own or just enjoying basking in the sun with a view of our FlowRider surf simulator.

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