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Cafe Caribe Photo

Cafe Caribe

(5 Reviews)

Don't just visit the ports of call--taste them, too. Cafe Caribe is a casual buffet serving deliciou...

Crown Grill Photo

Crown Grill

(17 Reviews)

Specializing in fresh seafood and juicy steaks grilled to your specific tastes, the Crown Grill Rest...

Dining Room Photo

Dining Room

(13 Reviews)

Rich tones, soft lighting, and elegant furniture combine to create a classy dining atmosphere in thi...

Horizon Court Photo

Horizon Court

(6 Reviews)

The Horizon Court restaurant features international cuisine available around the clock, indoor and o...

International Cafe Photo

International Cafe

(14 Reviews)

The international cafe is only for foreigners... luckily, you are most likely in international water...

Sabatini's Photo


With their fabulous menu of sumptuous Italian specialties, Sabatini's is like finding a piece of Eur...

Trident Grill Photo

Trident Grill

(1 Review)

Hungry? Grab a hot dog, hamburger, or whatever floats your cruise boat here at the Trident Grill.

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