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Alchemy Bar Photo

Alchemy Bar

(21 Reviews)

The theme of this bar is a pharmacy and the medicine is custom-made cocktails. Have a couple and I'm...

American Lobby and Atrium Bar Photo

American Lobby and Atrium Bar

(21 Reviews)

Feel proud as you mix and mingle with friends, old and new, in the Carnival Valor American Lobby and...

Eagles Aft Lounge Photo

Eagles Aft Lounge

(16 Reviews)

Meet, greet, chill and chat at the Lounge. It's a cool place to have a drink, tell friends a joke, l...

Lindy Hop Piano Bar Photo

Lindy Hop Piano Bar

(11 Reviews)

Check out the piano bar for the ultimate in fun. Listen to live music, make song requests, sing alon...

One Small Step Dance Club Photo

One Small Step Dance Club

(10 Reviews)

You'll love the music, moves and mood at the Carnival Valor One Small Step dance club. Shake it real...

Pool Bar Photo

Pool Bar

(6 Reviews)

Dip. Sip. Dip. Sip. How's that for relaxing? Our pool bars make it easy to stay cool in the sun with...

Redfrog Pub Photo

Redfrog Pub

(26 Reviews)

Taking its inspiration from the bars of the Caribbean (now that’s a place that knows how to have fun...

Redfrog Rum Bar Photo

Redfrog Rum Bar

(24 Reviews)

RedFrog Rum Bar was originally introduced on the Carnival Magic and received with such success that...

Skybox Sports Bar Photo

Skybox Sports Bar

(14 Reviews)

The energy in this sports bar is set on high. Check out a game on TV and enjoy drinks and appetizers...

The Dream Bar Photo

The Dream Bar

(1 Review)

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