Carnival Elation Activities and Entertainment

4 Venues

2 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Art Gallery

Browse the diverse and stunning array of fabulous artwork.

2 Reviews

5 out of 5

by czills on February 26, 2018

I love art, so walking through the art gallery was so relaxing and warm. We walked through every night on the way to dinner.
2 out of 5

by billieconnell on February 06, 2018

the art you win is not the price it's shown,, they charge you to have it shipped home and try to rope you into buying more and paying outrageous fees

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5 out of 5 (4 Reviews)

Cole Porter Club Aft Lounge

Meet, greet, chill and chat at the aft lounge. It''s a cool place to have a drink, tell friends a joke, listen to live music and laugh ''til dawn.

4 Reviews

5 out of 5

by MelissaBishop on March 18, 2018

Loved the comedy!
4 out of 5

by AngelFlake on February 25, 2018

The shows were great!!!! loved could go every night and it was always different.

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Mark Twain Library

Catch up on your reading, write family and friends back home or stimulate your brain with a game of Chess, Checkers, or Scrabble in the Library.

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4.5 out of 5 (9 Reviews)

Mikado Main Lounge

Seen any great performances lately? Well you will in the Mikado main show lounge. It features a revolving turntable, orchestra pit and a recessed speaker system. Come, see, and rave all about it.

9 Reviews

4 out of 5

by Sdgalla on April 05, 2018

I know typical not everyone goes to the shows wish you could be a little bit bigger that way you have enough room for people to sit and see the show Without objects in their way

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