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Apartment 16 Photo

Apartment 16

One of the funkiest places to hang out for 13 to17 year olds, Apartment 16 will be brimming with coo...

Frontiers Photo


Throughout the day, 5 to 8 year olds will be entertained with non-stop games, quizzes, arts and craf...

The Beach Hut Photo

The Beach Hut

(3 Reviews)

Designed with 2 to 4 year olds in mind, there’ll be a soft play area, books, and games, while in the...

The Hub Photo

The Hub

Finding their feet in The Hub, 9 to12 year olds will have a jukebox, Playstations, computers and fam...

The Sea Bed Photo

The Sea Bed

Under the watchful eyes of Mum or Dad, toddlers will be able to roam free in this colourful soft pla...

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