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by pughman

Had a blast here the day before the cruise. Inn at the water park was a great deal, went down to the beach and it was awesome. Then went over to seawolf park and seen dolphins and big boats coming in and out. Then ate at shrimp n stuff, so good. Looked at the Galveston railroad museum. And just had a fantastic day!


by dmnewsome

First time every being in Galveston, and the location is beautiful. Go the day before and enjoy Galveston. The terminal is well organized and was a smooth entry.

Visited: Sep 24, 2017

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by waldrokl

Galveston was a great area we had a whole day after the cruise before our flight so we visited the Maritime museum, tall ship Elisa, did a harbor bot tour, ate seafood and waded in the gulf.


by ddunca01

Galveston weather is beautiful today! Can’t wait to head out on the Freedom tomorrow.


by kslimm

My 1st Cruise! Sailed out of Galveston. It was easy to board. Limes went fairly quick with the amount of people getting on. Parking was great, as we drove from Lake Charles, La. My Parents and Two other friends flew in from Ohio and made it to the port easy! We met up and enjoyed the views of Dolphins making their way to the top of the ocean as we waited to set sail!


by Cruisers4Lyfe

Galveston is a really nice port, there are a lot of different shop's and restaurants in the area. And the night life is not bad. And plus there is a beach near by. we always go there 2 or 3 days before our cruise.

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