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Sharing a common lagoon with Raiatea and accessible only by boat, Taha'a is the only island in the Society Islands that can be completely circled by boat inside the protected lagoon. With its many deep bays and small deserted motu on the reef, Taha'a is an ideal island to escape the 21st century.

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by bdh503

The cruise rented one of the small motus (islands), for a barbecue lunch which was delightful. The small motu islands have no vegetation except coconut trees, so you can see through the trees from one side of the island to the other (most of the motus are only a couple acres in size). The islands are all soft white sand. The water stays shallow out to 100 yards; good for swimming and snorkeling. The shallow reefs make the ocean surf break out a couple hundred yards so the water next to the beach is a calm as a lake.

Visited: Feb 21, 2019

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