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by thrak

Beautiful island but... Got totally ripped off by a taxi driver. Be sure to get a firm commitment as to cost (in detail) BEFORE you get in the freaking cab. Left a very bad taste in the mouth. Visited $2 Beach ($5 each) and it was a very crappy beach. Extremely disappointing. Should have done something else and, should we return to the island, will definitely be wary of cab drivers and won't return to $2 Beach.

Visited: Oct 08, 2017

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by Gazelle1331

A wry good Port with much to see. Take a trip around the island, it is well worth the effort. Very hot and humid as was expected.


by Lofes

This was my least favourite. We went to a private beach, which I completely enjoyed but the place was the most littered, bus drivers fighting for business and felt the most uneasy there.


by Reneeski

Shopped at the markets, as above got one of the many people offering excursions. Got on a bus for $25. Nice to roam around and see the gorgeous water. Returned to the ship early and happy to get back on board early as wasn't too much more to see.


by srobi263

We toured the Island, which is beautiful. Went to the beach, again it was breathtaking, beautiful. The Samoan culture is a mix of the Polynesian islands with a strong New Zealand influence, yet a twist of their own family up bringing.

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