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by BillnSuze

I was initially a bit disgruntled when upon arrival at Mare we were told it was $20 each to get to the beach (and too far to walk) Reluctantly paid it, and OMG what a magnificent beach Yejele is !!! Stunning stunning stunning - beautiful clean and warm (hot) water with lots of fish life for snorkelling, and a really fun and relaxed vibe on the beach, with music playing and little bars and hair-braiding and just simply a great beach atmosphere. Loved it, and would do it again

by bruce55376728

Mare Island was closed due to pollution. Here was a significant strength of Crystal. In mid cruise, another stop was added and a whole new set of excursions installed. Our excursion was to the greatest snorkeling I have ever experienced. Great recovery Crystal!!

Visited: Jan 20, 2017

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by Teeens

Oh this place was amazing! Yejele beach cannot be described in words. You gotta see it to believe it. Shuttles to the beach from port were comfortable. Food and amenities at the beach were pretty good. Chairs for hire for the day to lounge in if you get there early enough. At the port itself there is a natural swimming pool, and next to it a deep swimming area with caves etc. The water is crystal clear, just beautiful.

Visited: Oct 06, 2017

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by Mackinlee

Mare was so great! Beautiful beaches, i have seen better snorkeling but still lovely fish❀🐠 I got a bus from the tenders to the beach, only about a 20 minute ride. Really nice sand aswell! I would totally go back there!🐟🐚🐑


by Meza

I absolutely loved this little piece of heaven! Picture perfect the weather was great and the snorkelling even better. Accessible and clear and we snorkelled for 3 hours, I couldn't stop! I've never seen so many Nemo fish!

Visited: Feb 05, 2018

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by warwagon86

After reading reviews I was excited for Mare unfortunately it did not live up to its expectations and it is the first time I have given a 1 star review. Compared to other stops on the same cruise it was pale in comparison. The crystal blue waters should be an amazing sight unfortunately with only the one excursion available it means it can be a busy spot - however definitely worth the trip for the beach. The locals have price gouging down to a tee - other islands you allow for an increase as it's a tour day and easy money but Mare was a downright disgrace. It was the only time the cruise expedition was cheaper than what was on offer at the shore. Prior to the beach we tried to head left at the port towards a beach that had stunning reviews for snorkelling only to be told that the road was prohibited to tourists. Shambles all around and as I said the first ever 1 star review I have given. Won't be aiming to return and if I do I sadly won't be making the effort to get off the boat.


by Dave72

We went on a tour bus to an amazing looking beach. The snorkelling was great fun but as soon as I took my camera out a sea snake was spotted not too far out from the shore . Stalls were nice and pretty but a lot of things were made out of and sea shells so you buy very many souvenirs.

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