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About Lifou Isle, New Caledonia

The Loyalty Islands are a coral group in the South Pacific, part of the French overseas territory of New Caledonia. The group comprises three islands (Lifou, Mare, and Ouvea) and many islets and has a total land area of c.800 sq mi. The chief exports are coconuts and copra.

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What an amazing place... The locals were so friendly... There is a must do here - if you trek up from the port, through the trees you will find a small ⛪church... Walk past the church on the right will take you into the bush... Follow a bush track and you will find a cave where fresh water comes out of the mountain... Here you can jump into the darkness into a natural pool... A must see and do for all... Found this out by going to the Comedy show on the boat and the comedian mentioned it - followed the comedian to the swimming hole...


Fantastic little island. Locals run a small market and stalls scattered throughout. Coconuts and drinks for around $3 AUD or 200 Francs. Very warm but the waters are crystal clear and blue. Walk up to the church on the mountain was worth the views - it's quite steep so take your time. Jinek Bay is without a doubt some of the best snorkelling I have ever seen. $15 AUD payable at the Bay - only allowed 100 people at a time so get there early. Don't wear sunscreen as the coral is protected just cover up. Reef shoes and snorkel gear are a must and if you have a GoPro it's worth the videos and memories.


Found this place very nice great beach for swimming and the markets are fun lots to buy it is a lot better now they have done it up

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