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The Loyalty Islands are a coral group in the South Pacific, part of the French overseas territory of New Caledonia. The group comprises three islands (Lifou, Mare, and Ouvea) and many islets and has a total land area of c.800 sq mi. The chief exports are coconuts and copra.

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by Redcard69

What an amazing place... The locals were so friendly... There is a must do here - if you trek up from the port, through the trees you will find a small ⛪church... Walk past the church on the right will take you into the bush... Follow a bush track and you will find a cave where fresh water comes out of the mountain... Here you can jump into the darkness into a natural pool... A must see and do for all... Found this out by going to the Comedy show on the boat and the comedian mentioned it - followed the comedian to the swimming hole...


by warwagon86

Fantastic little island. Locals run a small market and stalls scattered throughout. Coconuts and drinks for around $3 AUD or 200 Francs. Very warm but the waters are crystal clear and blue. Walk up to the church on the mountain was worth the views - it's quite steep so take your time. Jinek Bay is without a doubt some of the best snorkelling I have ever seen. $15 AUD payable at the Bay - only allowed 100 people at a time so get there early. Don't wear sunscreen as the coral is protected just cover up. Reef shoes and snorkel gear are a must and if you have a GoPro it's worth the videos and memories.


by deconz

Found this place very nice great beach for swimming and the markets are fun lots to buy it is a lot better now they have done it up


by Clarki66

LIFO great place for $15AUSD you can swim at Jinek Bay a short walk up and over the hills worth the 20 min walk Also a bit further on you can walk to Norte Fame Chapel on hill Dont buy shore excursion here you can walk the Island and see it all Locals are friendly food and drinks great! Bring your bathers and snorkel do t walk on jetted bear tender a tad slippery My TOP Tip Don’t buy pre paid excursions anywhere once off ship you will get cheaper and they are always back before ship sails!


by LuluB53

Lovely little island :) enjoyed the walk up to the Church - so gorgeous up there. Beaches are lovely, remember your reef shoes and a mask and snorkel.

Visited: Jun 17, 2017

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