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by Alisa2019

Most beautiful Island. Locals were very welcoming, and had best swim in water. No need for excursion here. Lovely just to swim and relax. Can get massage on Beach by locals or take a boat ride around Island. Small fees apply. One of my favourite islands.


by Clarki66

Dravuni what a great spot Pack your bathers and snorkel . Boat ride around Island $10 per person but worth it. Massage on the beach, hair braiding also. Take some FJD or AUSD treat yourself to a drink and mangoes. Visit the school and taste Fiji Bitter. Take plenty of water and sunscreen here, wear a hat because it’s blinking well hot. Say Bulla all the time they love it !


by leoniebooth9

Beautiful little island, the locals are so friendly, great place to sunbake on the white sand, or snorkel the beautiful reef, one of the nicest islands in the South Pacific

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