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by leoniebooth9

Beautiful little island, the locals are so friendly, great place to sunbake on the white sand, or snorkel the beautiful reef, one of the nicest islands in the South Pacific


by sunnyscunny

Beautiful place. Were advised to trek across island for the best beach, which we did and the beach was lovely, but would have been just as happy to stay on the beach right where tender dropped us off as the water was warmer and less rocky. Gorgeous 😊


by mphall1967

This was a beautiful island with small village. There was a beautiful beach which you could snorkel at. I did the walk around the beach which was a fair hike. There was also an area on top of one the hills which required a bit of a hike and had a narrow rocky at at times steep path to get to it. There was a little marketplace and the locals were very friendly and welcoming. No formal excursions here but definitely worth visiting.

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