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by twendling49

Holland-America fraudulently advertised Pitcairn Island as a Port-of-call. The printed itinerary (which I have a copy) showed a stop at the island as a port-of-call from 8AM to 2PM. But according to the ship's Captain, Pitcairn never was and never will be a port-of-call because the island's facilities are not adequate to land tenders even in excellent weather and sea conditions. Holland-America's advertisement and marketing of Pitcairn as a port-of-call is completely fraudulent. Even the on-broad excursion desk showed Pitcairn as a port-of-call as late as the day after the scenic cruise around the island. Holland-America owes my wife and I (and all other passengers) a refund for the false advertising and fraudulent marketing of Pitcairn Island as a pot-of-call.

Visited: Sep 10, 2018

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by halk

We stayed on the ship and the Islanders came to us. The Lido Dome area became a market place and we got to meet the native and trade money for their handcrafts. This is where Fletcher Christian took the Bountry after the mutiny in 1790. Descendants of those people still live there.

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