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Japan's second largest city and one of its leading seaports, Yokohama belongs to the extensive urban-industrial belt around Tokyo called the Keihin Industrial Zone. The city has four universities; a variety of Christian churches, Shinto shrines, and temples; and numerous parks and gardens, notably Nogeyama Park, which was created after the earthquake of 1923. It is the site of Kanazawa Library, founded in 1275, which houses a large collection of historical documents.

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If you can arrange it, do plan on spending a couple of days in Yokohama either before or after your cruise. We spent one night before our cruise at the Rose Hotel in Chinatown after arriving at Narita. A Limousine Bus from Narita to Yokohama is the most efficient way to go from Narita to Yokohama. That was $38pp. We took a cab from the Yokohama transit center to the hotel for less than $15. Chinatown is amazing, and you could easily spend 2 days exploring it, but we had just one day. Yokohama is very easy to get around with a PASMO card for buses, subways and trains. The city is unbelievably clean and safe, just like Tokyo. There is a ton of stuff within walking distance from Osanbashi cruise ship pier, which is something to see in and of itself. The Cup of Noodles Museum is very easy to walk to from the pier. You can also see the statue of the Little Girl in the Red Shoes within a 20 minute stroll. A subway ride can easily get you to the Kirin Beer Factory, where they have a fantastic free tour and tasting, but you must have reservations to do this. It’s guided in Japanese, but English guide cards are given, and beer is a universal language. Also not to be missed is the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum where you can take a gastronomical tour of the far reaches of Japan and the world, but come hungry, order the “small” bowls, and do your research on how to operate the quintessential food stall vending machines. We saw Chinatown before the cruise, and then spent a night at the Yokohama Bay Tokyu Hotel after the cruise before spending 4 nights in central Tokyo. We were glad we spent the time in Yokohama, as well as in central Tokyo. Yokohama is a real gem. It would be a shame to go directly from Haneda or Narita to your cruise ship without taking 2-3 days to really see the Yokohama area.


This cruise was two cruises in one, so when we arrived back to Yokohama for a day we walked to the ramen factory, great experience. Super hot in July!


Loved Tokyo....such a clean place, the locals are fantastic they are always happy to point you in the right direction. Easy to get around on the train system. Can't wait to go back


We spent 4 nights in Yokohama on our own and an overnight on the ship. We took the local bus to the Sankeien Gardens in Yokohama. They are beautiful and full of things to see. There are many old buildings to visit including a pagoda and a farm house. We took the train to Kamakura to visit the Buddha, Temples and the Beach. We went to Yokohama’s Chinatown and ate delicious steamed buns and dumplings. The area is colorful and lively with many shops, restaurants, gates and temples.


Such a great city. Lots to see and do. We stayed 3 days after getting off the ship. Loved all the stops in japan. Very very friendly and very clean Fantastic

Visited: Sep 17, 2018

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