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Xiamen was recently voted China's cleanest city, and its surrounding countryside offers spectacular scenery and pleasant tree-lined beaches. Gulangyu, also known as Piano Island, is a popular, peaceful weekend getaway. Xiamen's Botanical Garden is a nature lover's paradise. And the Buddhist Nanputao Temple, dating back to the Tang Dynasty, is a national treasure.

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I highly recommend booking an excursion for this port or just going in to town. I guess this is a huge vacation destination for locals and all the ferry tickets to the island were booked up. We waited in long lines to get a ticket and found out we couldn't leave for a few hours, allowing us very little time for the island. We ended up selling the tickets and just had lunch in town. We were there on a sunday, it may not be much an issue on other days.

Visited: Jun 12, 2016

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Have taken a cab outside cruise port to zhongshan Road which is not too far, it's a tourist friendly spot with small shops and local cuisine. Have not gotten chance to explore the buildings near the port though.

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