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by smithsmith996

The excursions were limited. Last minute changes to disembark without an excursion. Te excursion did not allow us inter-mix with locals


by roseycheeks72

not much to see in this port but everyone was friendly. Bring some roubles if you want to try some local food. Our cruise documents said we needed a visa to get off the ship but we were able to get off without it. They just let all the people on the tours off the ship first. The people doing their own walking tours were able to get off around noon.


by randersgoodman

We fully anticipated the visa nightmare of previous visits. But we had no issues, Russian immigration is lengthy, but ship staff stated there were over 30 immigration officers on board, so the process worked quite well. Everybody was off the ship by around midday, all tours left on time. In truth there isn't a lot to see. You can walk to the square from the tendering point, but there is nothing there! (Apart from a statue of Lennin) the town is apparently 30km long but only two roads wide, to see anything at all you definitely need a tour! More of a port to say 'I've been there' than things to do. Some shops accept US dollars, although apparently it's illegal to use them as currency, but not all! Don't rely on being able to buy anything anywhere.

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