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not much to see in this port but everyone was friendly. Bring some roubles if you want to try some local food. Our cruise documents said we needed a visa to get off the ship but we were able to get off without it. They just let all the people on the tours off the ship first. The people doing their own walking tours were able to get off around noon.


If left up to me, I would avoid this port altogether, but the ship had to refuel. There was nothing attractive about this stop: the pavements are uneven and the area immediately outside the port looked haggard, tired, and unwelcoming. There was a building next to the port gate that had a big "INFORMATION" sign, but there was no one to be found. Inside this big barn of an ugly building, there was one merchant selling his expensive wares. Unfortunately, some people we talked to who had purchased excursions were somewhat disappointed.

Visited: May 06, 2018

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