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by whidbeyben

Be aware that if your ship is arriving in Naha (Okinawa) from Taiwan, or anywhere else outside territorial Japanese Islands, the ship will have to clear Japanese customs. On our itinerary, we arrived from Taiwan, and even though the ship arrived before 8am, only those with excursions booked through the ship (which were extremely limited and sold out weeks before the departure date) got off the ship before noon. We didn’t get through Japanese customs until 3:30pm. We had to spend hours just sitting in the ship’s lounges and theatre areas waiting for our group numbers to be called. Our 1:15 “Appointment” group didn’t get called until 3pm. We just barely had time to walk down the main shopping street and see the fish market as the stalls were all closing up. If you can, pick an itinerary that arrives at Okinawa from a Japanese Port. Otherwise you may end up spending nearly the entire port of call waiting to clear Japanese customs.

by MorrisonHiker

The cave excursion that we wanted to go on was cancelled since there weren't enough English-speaking guests. The castle excursion that we went on was ok but the garden stop was replaced by a shrine stop due to a recent typhoon. We weren't told about the updated itinerary until after we'd already signed up.

Visited: Sep 22, 2019

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