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The city of Nha Trang is becoming more popular with the tourists in recent years. Yet, with a population of 300,000, Nha Trang still retains its small town atmosphere. This resort town is well known for its miles of beach and the friendliness of its people. The city is flanked by nearly ten kilometers of prime beach where the water is warm year round. The average temperature in Nha Trang is 26 C.

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Snorkeling in Nha Trang

Snorkeling in Nha Trang


Snorkeling in Nha TrangSpend the day far away from the crowds as you play in the waters around Mun I...

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Nha Trang Fun Day Cruise

Nha Trang Fun Day Cruise


Nha Trang Fun Day Cruise Skip the typical tourist activities and climb on board a luxury ship to di...

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Sunset Cocktail Dinner Cruise

Sunset Cocktail Dinner Cruise


Sunset Cocktail Dinner Cruise Wind down your day with mouthwatering food, great music and spectacul...

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Nha Trang Helmet Dive

Nha Trang Helmet Dive


Nha Trang Helmet DiveWalk along the sea bed and explore what life is like under the waves! Afraid of...

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by ants1980

Lovely port. We got a taxi outside the port to the temple and it was so worth it! The taxis here are so cheap so organising your own tour is completely doable. It was a public holiday when we were there so many things were closed. We still made the most of it though! The beach and coastline is stunning here


by GillyB1

We did not book a tour. There are many taxis near the jetty where the tenders dock. We asked for a taxi to take us to the market. He waited fir us and then took us to the beach afterwards. You can rent loungers on the beach. We stopped in front of the Louisiane Brewhouse and had a wonderful lunch with a local beer. We chose to walk back to the tender from here. It took about 40 minutes, but there was plentyof shade.

Visited: Aug 11, 2017

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by Cmarsha05

Shuttle bus into town no longer free. It is now $15 USD per person return. Lots of lining up and waiting. It is a nice hour walk to beach area. You can get massages there and have a dip in the sea.


by mBleacher

We did a cooking class at a resort. It was excellent. Great food and the resort had massages for about $6 an hour. Then we went downtown for the evening. It was BUSY. Lots of new western type hotels right on the public beach. Good cheap shopping or malls. One thing I noticed was lots of Russians, so it must be a Russian tourist mecca. I don't think the Vietnamese were liking the Russians too much though. Just got a weird vibe from their interactions. They seemed to like Americans though. The public beach and restaurants were playing propaganda videos and patriotic music. Very interesting. This was our second favorite stop in Vietnam. No Uber.

Visited: Feb 28, 2018

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