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Nagoya hosts two famous shrines: The Atsuta, founded in the 2nd century, houses the sacred imperial sword; the Higashi Honganji was built in 1692. A fortress town in the 16th century, Nagoya retains a castle built in 1612, which was reconstructed in 1959. The Tokugawa Art Museum, Higashiyama Park, and an art museum partnered with the Boston Museum of Fine Arts are other attractions.

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Proceso de inmigración tomó demasiado tiempo. Por lo que la visita a la ciudad fue limitada. Las autoridades nonpermitieron permanecer más tiempo en el puerto.

Visited: Oct 08, 2018

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very polluted port, but excellent tours. immigration took 2 hours and impacted on our tours. we were told we will get some refund however it was disappointing. maybe having Busan as the last port would be best suited.

Visited: Oct 08, 2018

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