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Muroran is a major industrial center and port, with iron, steel, and cement works and an oil refinery. Hot spring resorts are nearby. Muroran is the port for Sapporo, one of Japan's most rapidly growing urban, tourist, and winter sports centers. Famous for its annual Snow Festival, it played host to the 1972 winter Olympics.

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by rclooking

Saying this is a Sapporo stop is almost false advertising. Sapporo is two hours away by bus. Local town isn't much to see. They set up tents on the pier to sample local food and provide souvenirs. One amazing highlight is the FREE tour offered by Japan Steel Works to their swordsmith shop. Just two tours of 24 each are offered so sign up early. You will meet a fourth generation swordsmith who will explain the sword making process and see his actual workshop.

Visited: May 07, 2017

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by ljohnston

Not the port for Sapporo. Some people that we met went to a race course for the day and said they had a great time. We did the volcano tour excursion followed by visiting the port festival in the evening.


by BathBabe

A rather sad place as much of the industry has closed down but still interesting - it’s Japan. I didn’t do an excursion.

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