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by ArcticMandy

Holland America didn't offer us many excursions for Kushiro and the ones that they did were pricey. We decided to your the town on foot. You can access free Wi-Fi at MOO. It's a market and shopping centre. The Volendam docked about 2 mins away from it. We had some lunch at the top of the giant hotel located in the downtown. HAL gave us a map of Kushiro and included in that map was an offer for a buffer lunch. The hotel offers some excellent views of Kushiro. You can't miss the Washo Market. You buy a bowl of rice from a stall and walk over to the fresh sushi section. I bought sushi by the piece. The sellers were patient since I don't speak Japanese. This market is great for photo opts. HAL provided a bus that took people to and from Washo but we found that it really wasn't needed. Be sure to be on deck when you sail away. The locals came out to wave and sing you goodbye. There was a saxophone player joined by school children who gave us a lovely farewell.

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