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About Isle Of Pines (Ile Des Pins), New Caledonia

The Isle of Pines, or Kunie, is a part of the French overseas territory of New Caledonia. The Isle of Pines, formerly a penal colony, is now a popular tourist resort.

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Gorgeous island. We went on shore early and hired a van for $20 US to take us on a 2 hour tour with a handful of other people. It turned out to be one of the best tours we have ever taken. Even stopped at a cave with stalactites. Small fee to get in so you need French pacific francs. Then we spent rest of day laying on the beach.

Visited: Feb 21, 2017

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There are no organised tours at Isle of Pines yet, and I hope there never will be because this is an idyllic, island paradise with the only coral-free sandy beach of this entire trip. The locals are very friendly and everything is within walking distance from the tender port (the only port where tendering was required). Magic place.

Visited: Nov 01, 2008

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