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One of the most popular destinations in Asia, Hong Kong offers a plethora of options: some of the world's best cuisine, first-class entertainment, and of course, shopping! For a more relaxing afternoon, watch the sun set over Victoria Harbour or take a stroll downthe beach, alongside the green mountains and the South China Sea.

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You don't need expensive Cruise buses to get into town, there are many taxi nearby or take the free shuttles to the MTR to get into HK central areas.

Visited: Feb 18, 2018

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No excursion. The cruise port offered two free bus rides to the malls. We took one of the buses rides to a drop off point near the MRT trains bought a train pass that is good on the trains, buses, ferries and the tram to Victoria Peak. The first day we visited the peak, walked around the city and took a ferry to the other side of the harbor to return to the ship. The second day we left the ship by cabs to the J W Hong Kong Marriott for a three day stay. We use the pass to go to Stanley Market, the Night Markets. We visit the Big Buddha by train to the station near the tram to the big Buddha. The tram to the Big Buddha is owned by a private company and requires the purchases of tickets to use the tram. The lines were very long it took almost two hours to be seated in a cable car. The other option is to take a ferry from Central Ferry Terminal to Lantau Island and take a bus to the Big Buddha the MRT pass can be used for the ferry and the buses on the island.

Visited: Dec 10, 2017

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Love this city! So much to do and see- Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Ave of the Stars, Victoria Peak. Lots of great food, friendly people, and everything has English signage which makes navigating the city much easier.


We did not do an excursion via Azamara, but in hindsight, wish we would have. After leaving the ship and being accustomed to everything planned for us, Hong Kong is a place to experience with someone who knows the city fairly well (and how to order the right food, haha). BUT, we still loved it. And because we were only there for one day, it is not enough and we will will return to visit someday again. Tip... while most people speak English, most taxi drivers do not so be prepared. Many don't want to help you and just say they don't know how to get to your destination and drive away. Not that we expect them to speak our language, just be prepared to have directions or addresses in Chinese.

Visited: Dec 09, 2017

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