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Fanning Island, one of the many coral atolls of the Republic of Kiribati, lies in the center of the Pacific Ocean. The island epitomizes the South Pacific with palm trees, blue lagoons, white sand beaches, and friendly locals. Tourism is very much in its infancy here; the majority of visitors are sea birds, including terns, shearwaters, and skuas.

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I know a lot of people complain about the travel time to come here, but my wife and I absolutely loved seeing such a primitive island. The water so clear and blue and beach was awesome too. The seas were rough, but it made for an amazing pool party. The pool turned into a wave pool and everyone instantly became best friends while enjoying the crazy seas. I loved seeing everyone stumbling back and forth in the halls trying to keep balance. Bad side would be if you get motion sick(which many did), but we have strong stomachs and had a great time


NCL has the trip very well organised and the free beach area is very pretty and the water refreshing. Lunch is good even though I got a cold hotdog. Take a walk as far down the road as you care to and talk to the friendly people. They will pose in a coconut tree for a buck. They will let you look in their simple homes made from local materials. Buy the stamps at the post office and a $2 coin. Get your passport stamped. There a several venders under the trees as you first go ashore. Look but don't buy until later when you are ready to tender back to the ship. They are in more of a bargaining mood by then. There are good shell items to buy cheaply. There are also sharktooth knives that are interesting.

Visited: Oct 28, 2006

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A completely cool place to go and wonderful to just walk and snorkle and see the island. I would have liked a lot more time, and wished I had snorkled oceanside. It's an amazing opportunity to just see nature and one of the most remote places. We walked because bicycle rentals were so outrageous. This should be made reasonable of $10 a day, not an hour.

Visited: Dec 01, 2007

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