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Fanning Island, one of the many coral atolls of the Republic of Kiribati, lies in the center of the Pacific Ocean. The island epitomizes the South Pacific with palm trees, blue lagoons, white sand beaches, and friendly locals. Tourism is very much in its infancy here; the majority of visitors are sea birds, including terns, shearwaters, and skuas.

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A fun place to visit, this is the only place that still has a true Island Culture. Just walked the local area, be sure to get your pasport stamped. Also send home a post card they say it will take three months to arrive.

Visited: Nov 18, 2006

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This was an experience! Enjoyed the day at the beach & the visits with people. It was a learning experience for me and because I got a little sick on board, I especially enjoyed being on land

Visited: Dec 20, 2006

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