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by sheilaclarke

We were on Island Princess. This is a Very poor tender port. If you want to see the Island and don’t do a ships tour you will not get off the ship until the afternoon as their tours take priority! We were on Island Princess 2,000 + passengers, only 4 tenders that were only taking 80 passengers at a time, each tender took almost an hour round trip - do the maths only 320 passengers per hour; ship couldn’t be cleared until 9:20 as immigration staff would not come to the ship until day light. Tender tickets were being issued supposedly at 8:30 we went down to queue at 7:30 our tickets were 338/9 we got of at 2:45, some people who new the ropes started queuing at 6 am, my cabin neighbour was one and her ticket was still in the 100+. Other passengers had tender tickets in the 900’s. Last tender back we were being told was 5:30. We queued 1 1/2 hours at 4:30 to get back but some people queued standing for 4 hours! Last tender got back at 9:15 pm just before dark! A complete shambles for a few hours. Nevertheless it’s a beautiful interesting island my recommendation is take a morning ships tour it’s not worth the hassle to try to do this place on your own because of the difficulties of getting off the ship. The sea looked calm but getting on the tenders was difficult they were moving up and down and parting some 12” at a time from the ship; apparently this is normal at this port of call and the last time the ship came here they could not disembark.

by Mathilde1293

There is no dock in Easter Island, so the seas are rougher in the open Pacific and the tender needs to butt-on to the ship to transfer people. This will be tough in calm seas. It is an excursion of a lifetime and hard to resist not going on land. However, so many people are in denial of their physical capabilities and go anyway when on the ship they use walking aids and then pretend not to need one in order to get on the tender. The controls and restrictions should be enforced more and not let these people endanger other by their stubbornness.

Visited: Jan 09, 2020

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