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The mystery surrounding the port city of Dalian may stem from the fact that it has been known by many different names, including Lu-ta, Dalny (Russian), Dairen (Japanese), and Ta-lien. Today, Dalian is an industrial city revolving around chemical production, light manufacturing, and heavy industry. Some say that a natural rock formation at Golden Pebble Beach resembles the silhouette of Beethovena

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by Lindilu

We did the Forest Zoo in Dalian. Really large zoo. We visited this in the off season, so nothing was working, and very few people - pandas were all sleeping. Large zoo though, with plenty of animals.

Visited: Oct 15, 2018

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by carpenter757

This was our first port in China and it took hours for the customs to clear the ship. Narrowing our time off the ship to just 2 hours but I think it was a port stop used for the purpose of clearing customs- we were not warned about this and had booked a private tour for the day-

Visited: Feb 20, 2017

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