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by rcar11

Chongquing's port was not an easy one. We had to climb around 100 stone steps from where the boat was to where the buses waited for us and you had to carry your carry on bag with you (unless you wanted to pay someone to carry it). It was already really hot when we got there so it was great to finally get on our bus at the top of the steps. Our tour there was a little disappointing. We were taken to the zoo and got to see Pandas, which was wonderful. We saw three regular pandas and also saw some "lesser pandas" which were red pandas that looked a bit like a racoon does. What was disappointing was that we were in a huge zoo in a different country but didn't have enough free time after seeing the Pandas to see anything else because the zoo is so spread out and the schedule called for us to go to lunch and then drive to the airport for an afternoon flight to Xian

Visited: Aug 09, 2017

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by RebeccaA48

Embarkation port: initial embarkation has already been discussed. However, as we sailed, the evening lightshows of all the buildings provided the most beautiful send off! Unfortunately I did not have my camera so the memories will have to suffice.

Visited: Aug 12, 2017

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