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A poor upcoming nation but the people are friendly and welcoming. The prices in the cafes and bars vary, and are calculated on whatever the waiter can think of. We took a trip to the castle were there was folk dancing. The facilities here (the castle) are not too good for the disabled or people with mobility problems.


New country and port. The port itself needs some TLC but being a poor country the more cruises that call the better things should get. Our excursion was called 'The Birds of Butrint' and from my point of view was brilliant with lots of species seen with a local expert to assist. These 'birding' tours are a first for the country and are part of an education program for local people showing that their natural history could make them money.

Visited: Sep 01, 2017

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I got off this cruise yesterday, this port is in Albania, NOT Croatia 🙄 Having said that it's still a beautiful place and worth a visit. Not covered by EU mobile roaming deals.

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