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Amazing city. From port entrance gate turn right walk a minute or so take return bus to Brugge for 20 euro well worth it. Make sure to try belgian waffle and fries and take a boat tour along the canal we didn't pre book one we just showed up at a booth there is quite a few around the city and purchased a ticket for 8 euros per person was great.


Cabin was really comfortable with a good sized shower and plenty of closet space. Cabin was E735 which is aft, although this was deck 0 The engines can be discerned. Aye in the Meridian one the first night but would not recommend the sirloin steak, the rest of the meal was very good. Second night decided not to do the 'formal' but rather tried the buffet!much better but why so much Indian choice? As a taster cruise would recommend the trip but take the transfer bus to Brankenberge and then the train to Brugge - only €10 for two return trip rather than the £34 each coach transfer from P&O.


What a wonderful town. Cobbled streets, lots of history, shops and amazing architecture. We had a 4.5 hour trip it was enough to have lunch, do shopping and wander around a little. If you are doing more museums and the church's, go on the longer day.

Visited: Dec 01, 2017

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