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Located on the east coast of Italy, Bari features beautiful beaches on the Adriatic Sea. Walk through the town and see the gothic style of the twelfth century cathedral and the Basilica di San Nicolo. See a bit of Italy's past in the archaeological museum or walk the stone pathways of a Norman castle.

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We really enjoyed Bari, whose patron saint is Saint Nicholas. We took a 10€ tour that was fabulous. Not through the cruise line. It was a little Street train that took us through the downtown area and then into the old city gate area. The guides were great and we saw a lot for a small price!


We didn't spend anytime in downtown Bari. We took the excursion to Osunti instead and loved it. After seeing the walled city overlooking the sea, we enjoyed seeing the 2000-3000 year old olive trees and having lunch at a wonderful country estate. The owner gave us a fantastic tour of the buildings, which were full of old farming relics and the old olive oil press. This was something that we could never see anywhere else.

Visited: Jul 15, 2011

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