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by Maria0903

Rhodes was one of the nicest stops on the cruise. The Old Town is just 2 minutes walk outside the cruise port. We hired a cab at €50 each & driver brought us to a number of sights and then on to Faliraki Beach which was lovely & sandy and not too deep. We hired 2 sunbeds with umbrellas for €5.00 each and stayed for 5 hours. Taximan told us where to meet him which was at a fantastic restaurant called Something Different where we had a gorgeous lunch of gyros at extremely reasonable price. Owner was really lovely and chatted with us until Michael the driver came back for us on time. He brought us back to the port where we finished off the day shopping for souvenirs. Lovely town.

by csnisthal

Don't book the shore excursion to the beach! There is a beach about 15 minutes walking distance and you can pay 5 euros per person for an umbrella and chair and you can order great food and drinks- what a great way to spend the day!

Visited: Sep 03, 2016

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by sheryldb

We took the Lindos on your Own tour. A clean, airconditioned bus, complete with an English-speaking guide, took us to Lindos. Had we stayed at the bottom of the Arcropolis, the excursion would not have been strenuous, except for the STEEP downhill walk from the parking lot to the site (our legs were shaking from that walk). We decided to try to reach the top, and that WAS strenuous. Not just for my 83 year-old mother, not just for me (60), but for folks much younger than we are. There are 292 steps (in sections, not all at once), and lots of places to stop and rest (sit on boulders) along th way. There were a few narrow places on the path, some without railings even though you could go down the cliff if you went over the side. (I was glad my kids were not there.) Both of us were out of shape, but we made it up to the Acropolis faster than expected. We did stop several times along the way to rest legs and catch our breath. Going down was easier, but still strenuous. We would not have been able to hike back up the road to the bus parking lot, but fortunately there were loads of very welcome taxis waiting to bring us back to the bus (4 Euro well spent to get the entire party up the hill).

Visited: Jun 01, 2015

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